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0339476 C: Grundlagen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung von Ökosystemen bei veränderter Umwelt
From 01/1998 to 12/2000
Grant manager: Egbert Matzner
Contact person: Thomas Gollan
Supporting organization: German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF)

Projects in this grant

BITÖK-A 1 The role of light climate and leaf area development for canopy-water and CO2 fluxes along a gradient of tree species and structure in the Steigerwald
Coworkers: Stefan Fleck, Barbara Köstner, Markus Schmidt, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-A 2 Development of a 3-D-mixed stand model for the nitrogen dependent CO2 and water exchange of mixed beech stands in Northern Bavaria
Coworkers: Stefan Fleck, Jens-Arne Subke, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-A 3 The influence of leaf wetness on the depostion velocity of water soluble gases
Coworkers: Thomas Foken, Otto Klemm
BITÖK-A 4 Phase distribution of nitrogen compounds in the atmospheric boundary layer
Coworkers: Jörg Gerchau, Alexander Mangold, Thomas Wrzesinsky, Otto Klemm
BITÖK-A 5 Meteorology and air pollution in the Fichtelgebirge
Coworkers: Jörg Gerchau, Thomas Foken, Otto Klemm
BITÖK-A 7 The stable carbon isotope 13C and its pools in and flows between soil, vegetation, and atmosphere in different plant communities of the Fichtelgebirge
Coworkers: Nina Buchmann, Johannes Ruppert, Bodo Wichura, Thomas Foken
BITÖK-A 8 Above ground uptake of nitrogen
Coworkers: Jutta Lauf, Gerhard Gebauer
BITÖK-A 9 The role of different root zones in ion and water uptake of mature spruce trees
Coworkers: Axel Göttlein, Julia Lindenmair, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-A10 The effects of the activity of fine roots of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) on soil solution and solid phase
Coworkers: Martin Braun, Antje Dieffenbach, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-A11 The turnover of organic N-compounds (DON) in a deciduous forest ecosystem
Coworkers: Stephan Solinger, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-A12 Indicators of material cycles in forest ecosystems
Coworkers: Martin Armbruster, Jens Langusch, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-A13 Dynamics of material cycles in forest ecosystems at different space and time scales
Coworkers: Christine Alewell, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-A15 The analysis of hydrological and hydrochemical time series with multi-variate non-linear procedures
Coworkers: Gunnar Lischeid, Tobias Rötting, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-A16 Hydraulic and hydrochemical interactions between scepage, surface, and ground water - episodes and long-term trends
Coworkers: Anette Hauck, Morten Lehmann, Gunnar Lischeid, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-B 2 Ecology of aphids in relation to ecosystem processes (DOC, DON-flows) in an oak-beech forest stand
Coworkers: Beate Michalzik, Bernhard Stadler
BITÖK-C 1 Landscape-oriented recording registration of water use in managed forest stands
Coworkers: Andrew Angeli, Marco Pecchiari, Reiner Zimmermann, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-D 1 Evaluation of forest management techniques by visualization of growth models
Coworkers: Alois Kastner-Maresch, Lael Parrott, Bernd Scheerer, Birgit Thies, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-D 3 The application of the complexity theory in ecosystem research
Coworkers: Holger Lange, Michael Hauhs
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-A14 Dynamically induced patterns of transport processes in forest soils
Coworkers: Martin Schlather, Bernd Huwe
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-C 4 Modeling the effects of land use changes on nitrogen dynamics in soils of the upper Eger catchment in the Fichtelgebirge
Coworkers: Wolfgang Falk, Marion Mertens, Bernd Huwe
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-C 5 Scale dependent nitrogen dynamics in forests
Coworkers: Hans Piehler, Bernd Huwe

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