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Development of a 3-D-mixed stand model for the nitrogen dependent CO2 and water exchange of mixed beech stands in Northern Bavaria


From 01/1998 to 12/2000

Principal Investigator: John Tenhunen
Staff: Stefan Fleck, Jens-Arne Subke
Grant: 0339476 C Grundlagen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung von Ökosystemen bei veränderter Umwelt

Mixed forests of beech and spruce and of beech and oak (and pine) are, after pure coniferous forests, the predominant forest types in northern Bavaria and large parts of Central Europe. Structural and physiological heterogeneity in such mixed forests call for new synthetic models to analyse their function and to allow scaling up from single trees to forest stands. Models used up to now do not account for these complexities as only single species stands have been considered. The aim is to develop a model for mixed species stands in order to analyse the effects of different stand structures and species composition on fluxes of water and CO2. This model will have the same structure as STANDFLUX and will be based on extensive measurements of physiological and structural parameters, investigated in the following parts of the project: 1. Gas exchange of leaves for beech and oak along the light gradient in the canopy 2. Soil gas exchange in different forest stands 3. Synthesis of the above parts to the mixed stand model and its parameterisation; application of the model to stands in northern Bavaria. This will be a main part in the later phase of the project.

List of publications of this Project

Falge, E; Tenhunen, JD; Ryel, RJ; Alsheimer, M; Köstner, B: Modelling age- and density-related gas exchange of Picea abies canopies of the Fichtelgebirge, Germany, Annals of Forest Science, 57, 229-243 (2000)
Niinemets, Ü; Kull, K; Tenhunen, JD: Variability in leaf morphology and chemical composition as a function of canopy light environment in co-existing deciduous trees, International Journal Plant Sciences, 160, 837-848 (1999)
Niinemets, Ü; Sober, A; Kull, K; Hartung, W; Tenhunen, JD: Apparent controls on leaf conductance by soil water availability and via light-acclimation of foliage structural and physiological properties in a mixed deciduous, temperate forest, International Journal Plant Sciences, 160(4), 707-721 (1999)
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