Aktuelle Projekte

  • The effect of iron(III)-sulfide interactions on electron transfer processes in anoxic aquifers
    Moli Wan, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

  • A novel mechanism of electron transfer from microorganisms to insoluble iron phases
    Rainer U. Meckenstock [Details]

  • Electron transfer reactions at iron mineral surfaces in the presence of organic sorbates
    Christine Laskov, Anke Buchholz, Silvia Orsetti, Stefan Haderlein [Details]

  • Fluxes of redox equivalents in metabolic networks at active zones in aquifers
    Hans H. Richnow, Matthias Kästner [Details]

  • Redox processes involving humic substances
    Andreas Kappler [Details]

  • The contribution of low-molecular weight acids (LMWA) and dissolved organic sulfur compounds (DOSC) to the effects of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on redox processes
    Carsten Jobelius, Christian Zwiener [Details]

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