Joint Field Experiments

The core of HypoTRAIN are two Joint Field Experiments (JFEs) where all 16 ESRs collaborate at the same field site in order to fully exploit the network synergies. This enables a complete characterisation of the river reaches in focus with respect to their hydraulic, geomorphological, chemical, microbiological, and biological state.

The first JFEs were conducted in June 2016 at the River Erpe in Berlin/Brandenburg (Germany). You can find an overview of the ESRs' work in this interactive map. We suggest to start with the little video on "Where the journey begins" to get a first idea about the background of HypoTRAIN research. Check out the ESRs' individual work by zooming into the map and clicking on an ESR symbol.

Please note: Not all of the ESRs have added information to this map yet. But soon you will find it completed.

last modified 2017-02-17