Marcus A. Horn: Curriculum Vitae

Scientific Career

2006 Visiting Scientist at the Department of Microbial Ecology (Prof. Michael Wagner), University of Vienna, Austria

2005-date Assistant/Associate professor level, University of Bayreuth, Germany

2000-2004 Research Associate, University of Bayreuth, Germany



2011 Habilitation and PD (venia legendi, Microbiology); Profs. H.L. Drake, K. Dettner, W. Schumann, University of Bayreuth, Germany

2004 Dr. rer. nat. (Microbiology) "with distinction"; Prof. H.L. Drake, University of Bayreuth

2000 Diploma in Biology "with distinction"; University of Bayreuth, Germany



2000-2004 University of Bayreuth, Germany; Microbiology (Doctoral studies)

1996-1997 University of York; Biology, 3rd year Bachelor (incl. BSc. Thesis)

1993-2000 University of Bayreuth, Germany; Biology and Chemistry (Diplom/Master studies) Specialization: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics


Invited Talks

2013 Denitrifiers in permafrost affected soils as drivers of extreme and contrasting nitrous oxide fluxes. BioGeo-Colloquium, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany 

2013 Phenoxyacetic Acid Herbicide Degradation in Soil and Drilosphere: What are Microbial Key Players? Soil Science Lecture Series, University of Hohenheim, Hohenheim, Germany

2011 Unraveling Earthworm-Microbe Interactions in Soil (Keynote). GfÖ Workshop "Microbial faunal interactions shaping soil processes", Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

2010 Tracking Down the Hidden Key Players of Herbicide Degradation in Soils: Interaction of Earthworms and Microbes. Molecular Microbial Ecology Seminar, University of Aarhus, Department of Microbiology, Aarhus, Denmark

2009 Microbial Ecology of Flavobacteria in Soil - Potential Implcations for Greenhous Gas Production. Flavobacterium 2009, Paris, France

2006 Ecophysiology of Denitrifiers and Nitrous oxide Production: The Impact of Earthworms. Lecture series Department of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria


Scientific Activities and Awards

Editorial Board Member of

Applied and Environmental Microbiology

FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Reviewing for (partial list, 34 Journals and Funding Agencies in total)

German Research Foundation, European Research Council, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, German Israeli Foundation

The ISME Journal, Environmental Microbiology, PLOS one, FEMS Microbiology Ecology, FEMS Letters, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Geoderma, Biogeosciences

Dissertation Award of the University of Bayreuth in 2005

Conference Organization

Scientific organizing committee and session chair "Life in Microhabitats of Soil", Dornburg/Jena, Germany in 2012

Local organizing committee, "Living Spectroscopy - Connecting Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Microbiology", Bayreuth, Germany, in 2012

Scientific Management

Moderator of Thematic Group (together with S. Kolb and K. Smalla) "Soil Microbial Ecology", DFG Priority Program "Biogeochemical Interfaces in Soil" (2007-to date)

Coordinator "Central Wormhole Experiment", DFG Priority Program "Biogeochemical Interfaces in Soil" (2012-2013)