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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Ecological Microbiology - Prof. Tillmann Lueders

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Research on microbes in water and soil to save our planet!

We study the ecology of complex microbial communities and their role in controlling biogeochemical processes in nature. We work in surface waters, soil, the rhizosphere of plants, as well as in groundwater and caves. Our research approaches are based on a broad spectrum of often fine-scale biogeochemical and organic analytics, quantitative molecular biological methods, next-generation sequencing, and the labelling of microorganisms and matter fluxes with stable isotopes. With our research, we make important contributions to the protection and sustainable use of natural resources such as groundwater and soil.

Our research topics are:

  • Microbial turnover of pollutants in ground- and surface
  • Microbial activities and interactions in the rhizosphere
  • Microbial biofilms in caves and mines


    Prof. Dr. Tillmann Lueders
    Chair of Ecological Microbiology

    Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research (BayCEER)
    University of Bayreuth
    Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Str. 1-3, DE-95448 Bayreuth, Germany
    Tel: +49 921 55-5640, Fax: +49 921 55-5793


    Follow us on Twitter: @LuedersLab

    Recent Publications:

    Peer reviewed


    Sachs, C., Kanaparthi, D., Kublik, S., Szalay, A., Schloter, M., Damgaard, L., Schramm, A., Lüders, T.: Tracing long-distance electron transfer and cable bacteria in freshwater sediments by agar pillar gradient columns. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 98(5) (2022).

    Wang, Z., Jimenez-Fernandez, O., Osenbrück, K., Schwientek, M., Schloter, M., Fleckenstein, J., Lüders, T.: Streambed microbial communities in the transition zone between groundwater and a first-order stream as impacted by bidirectional water exchange. Water Research, 217 (2022).

    Gervers, K., Thomas, D., Roy, B., Spatafora, J., Busby, P.: Crown closure affects endophytic leaf mycobiome compositional dynamics over time in Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii. Fungal Ecology, 57-58 (2022).


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