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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Ecological Microbiology - Prof. Tillmann Lueders

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Lecture: Module: Molecular aquatic environmental microbiology (20450)

SS 2024
Fr.: 08:00-10:00, H12

Tillmann Lüders

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the physiology, biochemistry, and ecology of microorganisms in terrestrial aquatic habitats. Selected ecosystems are presented from a microbiological perspective, such as surface water, groundwater, drinking water and wastewater. Various aerobic and anaerobic, autotrophic and heterotrophic microbial lifestyles relevant to water quality are presented. Major organic and inorganic pollutant classes, as well as their conversion by microorganisms, are presented physiologically, biochemically, and thermodynamically. Possibilities of using and controlling microbial activities in aquatic systems, e.g. in wastewater treatment or bioremediation, will be discussed. In the seminar these topics will be deepened by means of selected original papers.

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