Investigation of energy fluxes on the Tibetan Plateau

Nam Co 2009

Von 06/2009 bis 08/2009

Experimentleiter: Thomas Foken, Tobias Biermann, Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch

In the framework of the two projects, CEOP-AEGIS and TiP (SPP 1372), an Eddy covariance measurement complex was set up close to the Nam Co Comprehensive Observation and Research Station of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), at Nam Co, Tibet, China. The purpose of the experiment is to investigate the energy and matter exchange between the atmosphere and the underlying surface of the Tibetan Plateau, which is a basic requirement to understand Asian monsoon variability, effects of climate change and the role of the ecosystems under these conditions. Main aim of the experiment is the quality control of surface flux measurements and their upscaling to the grid scale of limited area models by footprint modeling. A second goal is the correct measurement of humidity in high altitudes. The acquired data will be used evaluate the output of the mesoscale ATHAM model, which is used to model atmospheric flow, clouds, precipitation and radiation of the area. The eddy-covariance measurements will also be used for ecological studies within TiP. The project is well connected with Chinese modeling efforts and German glacier and ecological projects within TiP. In the CEOP-AEGIS Project the data of radiation, turbulent fluxes and soil moisture, together with further stations operated by the CAS, will be used to improve data quality and footprint analysis for up-scaling on satellite grid elements.

The measurement site was located at a small lake at the SE side of Nam Co Lake, which is located at 4730 m a.s.l. and 150 km N of Lhasa. The Eddy Covariance (EC) Station, which was equipped with a CSAT3, KH20 and LICOR 7500, was set up next to the step drop directly at the shoreline. Additionally a soil complex, a CNR1 Net Radiometer and a rain gauge was installed. The soil complex contained temperature measurements in 7 depths, heat flux measurements at 20 cm depth and water content measurements with TDR Probes in 3 depths. In the lake a float was measuring water temperature at approximately 30 cm depth. The setup close to the shoreline enables measurements of fluxes from the lake and the land surface, depending on wind direction.


Whole measurement setup at Nam Co lake, 2009 EC complex at Nam Co lake, 2009


Measurement setup at Nam Co lake, 2009; left: overview, right: EC-complex

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