Otto Klemm: Publikationen

-- 2008 --
Klemm, O; Wrzesinsky, T; Gerchau, J; Griessbaum, F: A collector for fog water and interstitial aerosol, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 25, 335-240 (2008) -- Details

-- 2007 --
Klemm, O; Wrzesinsky, T: Fog deposition fluxes of water and ions to a mountainous site in Central Europe, Tellus B, 59, 705-715 (2007)

-- 2006 --
Forkel, R; Klemm, O; Graus, M; Rappenglück, B; Stockwell, WR; Grabmer, W; Held, A; Hansel, A; Steinbrecher, R: Trace gas exchange and gas phase chemistry in a Norway spruce forest: A study with a coupled 1-dimensional canopy atmospheric chemistry emission model, Atmospheric Environment, 40, Supplement 1, 28-42 (2006), doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2005.11.070 -- Details
Ganzeveld, L; Klemm, O; Rappenglück, B; Valverde-Canossa, J: Evaluation of meteorological parameters over a coniferous forest in a single-culumn chemistry-climate model, Atmospheric Environment, 40, Supplement 1, 21-27 (2006) -- Details
Held, A; Klemm, O: Direct measurement of turbulent particle exchange with a twin CPC eddy covariance system, Atmospheric Environment, 40, Supplement 1, 92-102 (2006) -- Details
Klemm, O; Held, A; Forkel, R; Gasche, R; Kanter, H-J; Rappenglück, B; Steinbrecher, R; Müller, K; Plewka, A; Cojocariu, C; Kreuzwieser, J; Valverde-Canossa, J; Schuster, G; Moortgat, GK; Graus, M; Hansel, A: Experiments on forest/atmosphere exchange: Climatology and Fluxes during two summer campaigns in NE Bavaria, Atmospheric Environment, 40, Supplement 1,3-20 (2006), doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2006.01.060 -- Details
Valverde-Canossa, J; Ganzeveld, L; Rappenglück, B; Steinbrecher, R; Klemm, O; Schuster, G; Moortgat, GK: First measurements of H2O2 and organic peroxides surface fluxes by the relaxed eddy-accumulation technique, Atmospheric Environment, Supplement 1, 55-67 (2006) -- Details

-- 2005 --
Held, A; Novak, A; Wiedensohler, A; Klemm, O: Field measurements and size-resolved model simulations of turbulent particle transport to a forest canopy, J. Aerosol Science, DOI: 10.1016/j.jaerosci.2005.06.005 (2005)
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Lüers, J; Klemm, O; Foken, T: Klimatologie und Deposition von Luftschadstoffen im Fichtelgebirge. In Foken, T (Hrsg.): Klimatologische und mikrometeorologische Froschungen im Rahmen des Bayreuther Institutes für terrestrische Ökosystemforschung (BITÖK) 1989 - 2004, Arbeitsergebnisse, Universität Bayreuth, Abt. Mikrometeorologie (ISSN 1614-8916), 29, 7-46 (2005)

-- 2004 --
Held, A; Novak, A; Birmili, W; Wiedensohler, A; Forkel, R; Klemm, O: Observation of particle formation and growth in a mountainous forest region in central Europe, Journal of Geophysical Research D, 109, D23204 (2004)
Huang, J-H; Klemm, O: Atmospheric speciation of ionic organotin, organolead and organomercury compounds in NE Bavaria (Germany), Atmospheric Environment, 38, 5013-5023 (2004) -- Details
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Steinbrecher, R; Rappenglück, B; Hansel, A; Graus, M; Klemm, O; Held, A; Wiedensohler, A; Nowak, A: Vegetation-atmospheric interactions: The emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) and their relevance to atmospheric particle dynamics in Matzner, E.: Ecological Studies, Biogeochemistry of forested catchments in a changing environment: a German case study, Springer Verlag, 215-232 (2004)
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-- 2003 --
Held, A; Hinz, K-P; Trimborn, A; Spengler, B; Klemm, O: Towards direct measurement of turbulent vertical fluxes of compounds in atmospheric aerosol particles, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 30, NO. 19, 1-4 (2003)
Schröter, M; Obermeier, A; Brüggemann, D; Plechschmidt, M; Klemm, O: Remote monitoring of air pollutant emissions from pouint sources by a mobile LIDAR/Sodar system, J. of the Air and Waste Management Association, 53, 716-723 (2003)

-- 2002 --
Burkard, R; Eugster, W; Wrzesinsky, T; Klemm, O: Vertical divergences of fogwater fluxes above a spruce forest, Atmospheric Research, 64, 133-145 (2002)
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-- 2001 --
Foken, T; Wichura, B; Klemm, O; Gerchau, J; Winterhalter, M; Weidinger, T: Micrometeorological conditions during the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, Meteorol. Zeitschrift, 10, 171-178 (2001)
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-- 2000 --
Klemm, O; Foken, T; Mangold, A; Gerchau, J: Klimatologie und Luftverschmutzung im Fichtelgebirge in Bayreuther Institut für Terrestrische Ökosystemforschung (BITÖK): Bayreuther Forum Ökologie, Selbstverlag, 78, 93-108 (2000)
Klemm, O; Gerchau, J; Foken, T: Einfluss der Blattfeuchte auf die Depositionsgeschwindigkeit wasserlöslicher Gase in Bayreuther Institut für Terrestrische Ökosystemforschung (BITÖK): Bayreuther Forum Ökologie, Selbstverlag, 78, 67-78 (2000)
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-- 1999 --
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-- 1998 --
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-- 1996 --
Klemm, O: Five years of aircraft measurements of air pollution in an industrialized region in eastern Germany, Meteorol. Zeitschrift, 5, 221-223 (1996)