Kramm, G; Amaya, DJ; Foken, T; Mölders, N: Hans A. Panofsky’s Integral Similarity Function — At Fifty, Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 3, 581-594 (2013), doi:10.4236/acs.2013.34061
Stichworte: Panofsky, integral similarity function

Fifty years ago, Hans A. Panofsky published a paper entitled Determination of stress from wind and temperature meas- urements. In his famous paper, he presented a new profile function for the mean horizontal wind speed under the condi- tion of diabatic stratification that includes his integral similarity function. With his integral similarity function, he opened the door for Monin-Obukhov scaling in a wide range of micrometeorological and microclimatological applica- tions. In a historic survey ranging from the sixties of the past century down to the present days, we present integral similarity functions for momentum, sensible heat, and water vapor for both unstable and stable stratification, where on the one hand free convection condition and on the other hand strongly stable stratification are addressed.

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