Mayer, JC; Hens, K; Rummel, U; Meixner, FX; Foken, T: Moving measurement platforms - specific challenges and corrections, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 18, 477-488 (2009)
Stichworte: moving platform,trace gas fluxes
Most sensors do not perfectly reproduce changes of the measured quantity with respect to time and intensity. Delays and damping effects cause the signal to deviate from the true value. These deviations are often caused by combined impacts of the probe itself, the probe's housing, the sensor's inlet system and more. In this work, we will (a) evaluate correction schemes already known from aircraft temperature measurements for their performance on measured vertical temperature profiles, and (b) present an alternative, simpler correction scheme. The temperature profiles were measured with an elevator system at a 99 m mast from 2 m to 98 m a.g.l., parallel to a stationary high quality reference temperature profile. Besides laboratory tests, we will demonstrate and quantify the effect of the corrections applied to the mobile temperature sensor's data in direct comparison with the reference temperature data. This direct comparison (a) exceeds the potential of aircraft measurements, where comparisons with stationary in-situ sensors are hard to realize, and (b) clearly shows the effectiveness and correct magnitude of the corrections. It is demonstrated with temperature measurements, that a mobile sensor can satisfactorily substitute a profile of stationary sensors.

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