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Trancón y Widemann, B: A reference-counting garbage collection algorithm for cyclical functional programming, Proceedings 7th International Symposium on Memory Management (ISMM 2008), 71-80 (2008), doi:10.1145/1375634.1375645
Reference-counting garbage collection is known to have problems with the collection of cyclically connected data. There are two historically significant styles of cycle-aware algorithms: The style of Brownbridge that maintains a subset of marked edges and the invariant that every cycle contains at least one marked edge, and the style of Mart´ınez-Lins-Wachenchauzer (MLW) that involves local mark-and-scan procedures to detect cycles. The former is known to be difficult to design and implement correctly, and the latter to have pathological efficiency for a number of very typical situations. We present a novel algorithm that combines both approaches to obtain reasonably efficient local mark-and-scan phases with a marking invariant that is rather cheap to maintain. We demonstrate that the assumptions of this algorithm about mutator activity patterns make it well-suited, but not limited, to a functional programming technique for cyclic data. We evaluate the approach in comparison with simple and more sophisticated MLW algorithms using a simple benchmark based on that functional paradigm.
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