Activity 1.2: Quality control and improvement of eddy flux data
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2nd CARBOEUROPE QA/QC Workshop for Eddy-Covariance Measurements

Spoleto Italy, 18-19 January 2004

Preliminary Programme

18 January 2004

14:00 Opening

14:00  Recent QA/QC-Problems for Eddy-Covariance Measurements (Foken, Bayreuth)

15:00 Recent problems of turbulence sensors (Mauder, Bayreuth)

15:15 Consequences of the angle-of-attack calibration and their interactions with the 2nd rotation (Campbell, Edinburgh)

15:30 Differences in block-averaged turbulent fluxes obtained after the planar fit, double and triple rotation for the sloping site Bily Kriz (Sedlak, Prague)

15:45 Towards an intigrated optimisation approach to assess surface energy and carbon fluxes in Amazonien rain forest (Celso Von Randow , Wageningen)

16:00 Available eddy covariance software          Questionary

16:30 – 18:00  open discussion

19 January 2004

The new QA/QC- concept of the CARBOEUROPE

09:00 Recent developements of flux footprints (Vesala, Helsinki)

09:15 Quality assessment approach for CARBOEUROPE sites (Footprints, Göckede, Foken, Bayreuth)

10:00 Formulation of conclusions (Foken and discussion)

11:00  Final discussion



1st CARBOEUROPE QA/QC Workshop, Thurnau 2002   (including German projects)

Summary by H. Loescher (AmeriFlux)

2nd AmeriFlux Workshop, Corvallis OR, 2002


QA/QC-WEB-page of the Dept. of Micrometeorology, Univ. of Bayreuth

Jan. 14, 2004

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