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Animal Ecology 1

Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch

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Multiple Stressors in Ecosystems

Mesocosms, which are used for field studies. The mesocosms are artificial ponds, which can be used to study various environmental influences on the organisms living in them under near-natural conditions.

Another focus is on the influence of multiple stressors on communities, food webs, and ecosystem functions, using biotic stressors, such as predators and parasites, as well as anthropogenically induced stressors, such as so-called "micropollutants". The effects of simultaneous stressors are investigated using host-parasite and predator-prey interactions as examples. A fundamental understanding of the impact of multiple stressors on organisms and communities plays an essential role in biodiversity research. In the interdisciplinary studies, current molecular biological methods, classical experimental approaches in laboratory and field studies, and modern imaging microscopic techniques are used.

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