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Funktionelle und Tropische Pflanzenökologie - Prof. Dr. Bettina Engelbrecht

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Leonor Álvarez-CansinoDr.

Leonor Álvarez-Cansino

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Bis 02/2021 bei Funktionelle und Tropische Pflanzenoekologie
e-Mail: leonor.alvarez-cansino(at)uni-bayreuth.de

My broad research interest is to address the interface between plants and their environment to understand the underlying mechanisms that explain plant community composition and species distribution. As a plant ecologist, I have studied environmental effects on water use and carbon fluxes and its relationship with plant functional traits and life history in different ecosystems, from arid environments to Mediterranean scrublands and tropical forests, focusing on the response of plant species along climate gradients. I am particularly interested in assessing plant responses to drought, with the aim of predicting species vulnerability to global changes.


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