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-- 2020 --
Jung, EY; Gaviria, J; Sun, S; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Comparative drought resistance of temperate grassland species: testing performance trade‐offs and the relation to distribution, Oecologia (2020), online: 29.02.2020, doi:https://doi.org/10.1007/s00442-020-04625-9 -- Details
Sun, S; Jung, EY; Gaviria, J; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Drought survival is positively associated with high turgor loss points in temperate perennial grassland species, Functional Ecology (2020), online: 06.01.2020, doi:https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2435.13522 -- Details
-- 2019 --
Kupers, S J; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Hernandez, A; Wright, SJ; Wirth, C; Rüger, N: Growth responses to soil water potential indirectly shape local species distributions of tropical forest seedlings, Journal of Ecology, 107, 860-874 (2019) -- Details
Kupers, S J; Wirth, C; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Rüger, N: Dry season soil water potential maps of a 50 hectare tropical forest plot on Barro Colorado Island, Panama, Scientific Data, 6, 63 (2019), doi:10.1038/s41597-019-0072-z -- Details
Okach, DO; Ondier, Joseph O; Rambold, G; Tenhunen, J; Huwe, B; Jung, EY; Otieno, DO: Interaction of livestock grazing and rainfall manipulation enhances herbaceous species diversity and aboveground biomass in a humid savanna, Journal of Plant Research, 132(3), 345–358 (2019), online: 12.04.2019, doi:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10265-019-01105-x [Link] -- Details
Pinho, BX; Tabarelli, M; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Sfair, J; Melo, FPL: Plant functional assembly is mediated by rainfall and soil conditions in a seasonally dry tropical forest, Gesellschaft für Ökologie, 40, 1-11 (2019), doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.baae.2019.08.002 -- Details
van der Sande, MT; Poorter, L; Schnitzer, SA; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Markesteijn, L: The hydraulic efficiency–safety trade-off differs between lianas and trees, Ecology, 100(5), e02666 (2019) -- Details
-- 2018 --
Diaz-Barradas, MC; Zunzunegui, María; Alvarez-Cansino, L; Esquivias, Mari Paz; Rodriguez, M: How do Mediterranean shrub species cope with shade? Ecophysiological response to different light intensities, Plant Biology, 20(2), 296-306 (2018), doi:10.1111/plb.12661 -- Details
Diaz-Barradas, MC; Zunzunegui, María; Correia, O; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Esquivias, Mari Paz; Alvarez-Cansino, L: Gender dimorphism in Corema album across its biogeographical area and implications under a scenario of extreme drought events, Environ. Experim. Botany, 155, 609-618 (2018) -- Details
Schaller, J; Turner, BL; Weissflog, A; Pino, D; Bielnicka, AW; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Silicon in tropical forests: large variation across soils and leaves suggests ecological significance., Biogeochemistry, 140(2), 161-174 (2018), doi:10.1007/s10533-018-0483-5 -- Details
-- 2017 --
Alvarez-Cansino, L; Zunzunegui, María; Diaz-Barradas, MC: Germination constraints and propagation of the endemic shrub Corema album, a vulnerable species with conservation needs and commercial interest., Natural Products Communications, 12(2), 267-272 (2017) -- Details
Gaviria, J; Turner, B; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Drivers of tree species distribution across a tropical rainfall gradient, Ecosphere, 8(2) (2017), doi:10.1002/ecs2.1712
O'Brien, MJ; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Joswig, J; Pereyra, G; Schuldt, B; Jansen, S; Kattge, Jens; Landhäusser, SM; Levick, SR; Preisler, Yakir; Vaananen, P; Macinnis-Ng, Cate: A synthesis of tree functional traits related to drought-induced mortality in forests across climatic-zones, Journal of Applied Ecology, 54(6), 1669-1686 (2017), doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12874 -- Details
Otieno, DO; Li, Y; Liu, X; Zhou, G; Cheng, J; Ou, Y; Liu, S; Chen, Q; Tang, X; Zhang, D; Jung, EY; Tenhunen, J: Spatial heterogeneity in stand characteristics alters water use patterns of mountain forests, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 236, 78-86 (2017), doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.01.007 -- Details
Weissflog, A; Markesteijn, L; Lewis, O; Comita, L; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Contrasting patterns of insect herbivory and predation pressure across a tropical rainfall gradient, Biotropica, 50(2), 302-311 (2017), doi:10.1111/btp.12513 -- Details
-- 2016 --
Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Jáuregui, Jon; Rodríguez, Herminia; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor: Season-dependent and independent responses of Mediterranean scrub to light conditions, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 102, 89-91 (2016)
De Guzman, Eric; Santiago, Louis S; Schnitzer, SA; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor: Trade-offs between water transport capacity and drought resistance in neotropical canopy liana and tree species, Tree Physiology, 37(10), 1404-1414 (2016) -- Details
Diaz-Barradas, MC; Costa, C; Correia, O; Leon-Gonzalez, AJ; Navarro-Zafra, I; Zunzunegui, María; Alvarez-Cansino, L; Martin-Cordero, C: Pentacyclic triterpenes responsible for photoprotection of Corema album (L.) D.Don white berries, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 67, 103-109 (2016), doi:10.1016/j.bse.2016.05.009 -- Details
-- 2015 --
Gaviria, J; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Effects of drought, pest pressure and light availability on seedling establishment and growth: Their role for distribution of tree species across a tropical rainfall gradient, PLoS ONE, 10.1371/journal.pone.0143955 (2015), doi:DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0143955
Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Schnitzer, SA; Reid, Joseph; Powers, Jennifer: Liana competition with tropical trees varies with seasonal rainfall and soil moisture, Ecology, 96, 39-45 (2015)
Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Zunzunegui, María; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz; Collantes, Marta; Cipriotti, Pablo: Species-specific effects of the invasive Hieracium pilosella L. in Magellanic steppe grasslands are driven by nitrogen cycle changes, Plant and Soil, 397, 175-187 (2015)
Esquivias, Mari Paz; Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor: Shade and drought interactions underlie competitive effects of the native-invasive Retama monosperma in a Mediterranean sand dune system, Oecologia, 177, 133-146 (2015)
Waring, Bonnie; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Becklund, KK; Dale, Sarah; Gei, MG; Lopez, Omar; Markesteijn, Lars; Mangan, Scott; Rodríguez, Elisabeth; Segnitz, RM; Schnitzer, SA; Powers, Jennifer: Pervasive and strong effects of plant individuals and species on soil chemistry: a meta-analysis., Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 282, 20151001 (2015)
-- 2014 --
Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Zunzunegui, María; Collantes, Marta; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; García Novo, Francisco: Gender-related traits in the shrub Empetrum rubrum in two plant communities in the Magellanic steppe Acta Oecologica, Acta Oecologica, 60, 40-48 (2014)
Esquivias, Mari Paz; Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor: The role of water use and uptake on two Mediterranean shrubs’ interaction in a brackish coastal dune ecosystem, Ecohydrology, 7, 783-793 (2014)
Jung, EY; Otieno, DO; Kwon, H; Berger, S; Hauer, M; Tenhunen, J: Influence of elevation on canopy transpiration of temperate deciduous forests in a complex mountainous terrain of South Korea, Plant and Soil, 378, 153-172 (2014), doi:10.1007/s11104-013-2019-z -- Details
Otieno, DO; Li, Y; Tang, X; Zhang, Q; Jung, EY; Tenhunen, J: Stand characteristics and water use at two elevations in a sub-tropical evergreen forest in southern China, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 194, 155-166 (2014)
-- 2013 --
Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Zunzunegui, María; Esquivias, Mari Paz; Correia, Otilia: Effects of temperature and rainfall variation on population structure and sexual dimorphism across the geographical range of a dioecious species, Population Ecology, 55(1), 135-146 (2013)
Berger, S; Jung, EY; Köpp, J; Kang, H; Gebauer, G: Monsoon rains, drought periods and soil texture as drivers of soil N2O fluxes – Soil drought turns East Asian temperate deciduous forest soils into temporary and unexpectedly persistent N2O sinks, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 57, 273-281 (2013)
Condit, R; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Pino, D; Perez, R; Turner, B: Species distributions in response to individual soil nutrients and seasonal drought across a community of tropical trees, PNAS, 110, 5064-5068 (2013)
Jung, EY; Otieno, DO; Kwon, H; Lee, B; Lim, JH; Kim, J; Tenhunen, J: Water use by a warm-temperate deciduous forest under the influence of the Asian monsoon: contributions of the overstory and understory to forest water use, Journal of Plant Research, 126(5), 661-674 (2013), doi:10.1007/s10265-013-0563-5 -- Details
Kallarackal, J; Otieno, DO; Reineking, B; Jung, EY; Schmidt, MWT; Granier, A; Tenhunen, J: Functional convergence in water use of trees from different geographical regions: a meta-analysis., Trees, 27, 787-799 (2013)
-- 2012 --
Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Esquivias, Mari Paz; Dawson, T: Gender-specific variation in physiology in the dioecious shrub Corema album throughout its distributional range, Functional Plant Biology, 39(12), 968-978 (2012)
Craine, JM; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Lusk, CH; McDowell, N; Poorter, H: Resource Limitation, Tolerance, and the Future of Ecological Plant Classification., Frontiers in Plant Science, 3, 246 (2012), doi:10.3389/fpls.2012.00246
Engelbrecht, BMJ: Forests on the brink, Nature (2012), doi:10.1038/nature11756
Fayolle, A; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Freycon, V; Mortier, F; Swaine, M; Rejou-Mechaino, M; Doucet, J-L; Fauvet, N; Cornu, G; Gourlet-Fleury, S: Geological Substrates Shape Tree Species and Trait Distributions in African Moist Forests, PlosOne, 7 (2012), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042381
Zunzunegui, María; Jáuregui, Jon; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Boutaled, Said; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz: Germination success and seedling development of Argania spinosa under different climatic conditions and browsing intensity, Natural Products Communications, 8(1), 15-20 (2012)
-- 2011 --
Jung, EY; Otieno, DO; Lee, B; Lim, JH; Kang, SK; Schmidt, MWT; Tenhunen, J: Up-scaling to stand transpiration of an Asian temperate mixed-deciduous forest from single tree sap flow measurements, Plant Ecology, 212, 383-395 (2011)
Otieno, DO; K'Otuto, GO; Jákli, B; Schröttle, P; Mania, JN; Jung, EY; Onyango, JC: Spatial heterogeneity in ecosystem structure and productivity in a moist Kenyan savanna, Plant Ecology, 212, 769-783 (2011)
Otieno, DO; Mirzaei, H; Hussain, MZ; Li, Y; Schmidt, MWT; Wartinger, M; Jung, EY; Ribeiro, N; Pereira, JS; Tenhunen, J: Herbaceous layer development during spring does not deplete soil nitrogen in the Portuguese montado, Journal of Arid Environments, 75(3), 231-238 (2011), doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2010.10.011 -- Details
Turner, BL; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Soil organic phosphorus in tropical rain forests, Biogeochemistry, 103, 297-315 (2011)
-- 2010 --
Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Esquivias, Mari Paz: Gender-specific costs of reproduction on vegetative growth and physiological performance in the dioecious shrub Corema album, Annals of Botany, 106, 989-998 (2010)
Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Zunzunegui, María; Zunzunegui, María; Esquivias, Mari Paz: Physiological performance and xylem water isotopic composition underlie gender-specific responses in the dioecious shrub Corema album, Physiologia Plantarum, 140, 32-45 (2010)
Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Zunzunegui, María; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Jáuregui, Jon; Boutaled, Said; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz: Seasonal physiological responses of Argania spinosa tree from Mediterranean to semi-arid climate, Plant and Soil, 337, 217-231 (2010)
Wright, SJ; Kitajima, K; Kraft, NJB; Reich, PB; Wright, IJ; Bunker, DE; Condit, R; Dalling, JW; Davies, SJ; Díaz, S; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Harms, KE; Hubbell, SP; Marks, CO; Ruiz-Jaen, MC; Salvador, CM; Zanne, AE: Functional traits and the growth-mortality tradeoff in tropical trees, Ecology, 12, 3664-3674 (2010)
Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz; García Novo, Francisco: Seasonal physiological plasticity and recovery capacity after summer stress in Mediterranean scrub communities, Plant Ecology, 212(1), 127-142 (2010)
Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Jáuregui, Jon; Boutaled, Said; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz: Fruit production under different environmental and management conditions on Argania spinosa, Journal of Arid Environments, 74, 1138-1145 (2010)
-- 2009 --
Comita, LS; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Seasonal and spatial variation in water availability drive habitat associations in a tropical forest, Ecology, 90, 2755-2765 (2009)
Kursar, TA; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Burke, A; Tyree, MT; El Omari, B; Giraldo, JP: Tolerance to low leaf water status of tropical seedlings is related to drought performance and distribution, Functional Ecology, 23, 93-102 (2009)
Lasso, E; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Dalling, JW: When sex is not enough: ecological correlates of resprouting capacity in congeneric tropical forest shrubs, Oecologia, 161, 43-56 (2009)
Zunzunegui, María; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Esquivias, Mari Paz; García Novo, Francisco: Physiological, morphological and allocation plasticity of a semideciduous shrub Acta Oecologica, Acta Oecologica, 35, 370-379 (2009)
-- 2007 --
Arnold, EA; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Fungal endophytes double minimum leaf conductance in leaves of a neotropical tree, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 23, 369-372 (2007)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Comita, LS; Condit, R; Kursar, TA; Tyree, MT; Turner, BL; Hubbell, SP: Drought sensitivity shapes species distribution patterns in tropical forests, Nature, 447, 80-82 (2007)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Tyree, MT; Kursar, TA: Visual wilting stages of seedlings as a proxy for drought survival and leaf water potentials, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 23, 497-500 (2007)
-- 2006 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Dalling, JW; Wolf, R; Pearson, T; Galvez, D; Koehler, T; Tyree, MT; Kursar, TA: Short dry spells in the wet season increase mortality of tropical pioneer seedlings, Oecologia, 148, 258-269 (2006)
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Zunzunegui, María; Díaz-Barradas, Mari Cruz; Clavijo, Alicia; Álvarez-Cansino, Leonor; Ain-Lhout, Fatima; García Novo, Francisco: Ecophysiology, growth timing and reproductive effort in three sexual forms of Corema album (Empetraceae), Plant Ecology, 183(1), 35-46 (2006)
-- 2005 --
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-- 2004 --
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-- 2003 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kursar, TA: Comparative drought resistance of seedlings of 28 woody species of co-occurring tropical woody plants, Oecologia, 136, 383-393 (2003)
Tyree, MT; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Vargas, G; Kursar, TA: Desiccation tolerance of five tropical seedlings in Panama: Relationship to a field assessment of drought performance, Plant Physiology, 132, 1439-1447 (2003)
-- 2002 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Wright, SJ; DeSteven, D: Effects of El Niño drought on survival and water relations of seedlings of three neotropical rainforest species in Panama, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 18, 569-579 (2002)
Tyree, MT; Vargas, G; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kursar, TA: Drought until death do us part: A case study of the desiccation-tolerance of a tropical moist forest tree, Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch, Journal of Experimental Botany, 53, 2239-2247 (2002)
-- 2001 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Herz, HM: Evaluation of different methods to estimate understory light conditions in tropical forests, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 17, 207-224 (2001)
-- 2000 --
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-- 1997 --
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-- 1994 --
Winter, K; Engelbrecht, B: Short-term CO2 responses of light and dark CO2 fixation in the crassulacean acid metabolism plant Kalanchoe pinnata, Journal of Plant Physiology, 144, 462-467 (1994)
Nicht begutachtete Publikationen
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