1 The Skin of the Earth and below: Soil and Water

Chair: Heike Feldhaar

Thursday, 09:10-10:25,

09:10O 1.1: Meike Widdig et al.: Nitrogen and phosphorus inputs affect phosphorus solubilizing bacteria and phosphatase activity in six grassland soils in South Africa, USA, and UK
09:25O 1.2: Jiajia Wang et al.: Arsenic thiolation and its contribution to arsenic cycling in paddy soils
09:40O 1.3: Johannes Besold et al.: Binding of Antimony to Natural Organic Matter in a Finnish Mine-Water Influenced Peatland
09:55O 1.4: Patrick von Jeetze et al.: Modelling root water uptake in heterogenous soils
10:10O 1.5: Joscha Opitz et al.: Design and sizing of passive systems for treatment of circum-neutral ferruginous mine water

 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


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