Contribution and Presentation Formats

Your Audience

Please note that the target group in this workshop is interdisciplinary. Contributions should allow researchers from all disciplines within BayCEER to get your point, so please:

  • Explain the background of your research and why it is significant / exciting!
  • Justify your methods without getting bogged down in details.
  • Be aware of technical terms in your discipline!
    Test your abstrac / poster / talk on someone with different background (BIO / GEO sciences)
  • Point out your findings / take home message more than clearly
    - so it will be just clear enough for the audience.

Abstracts and Keywords

All submissions are registered electronically providing a structured abstract (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions - max. 2000 characters including spaces) and a list of keywords until September 17.

An abstract booklet will be provided in printed and electronic form, the abstracts will be published on the workshop website.

Oral Presentations

In general, the time slot for oral presentations is 15 minutes. Talks should not be longer than 12 minutes to leave time for questions. This holds for the Open Sessions, the moderators of topical session may define differing formats.
As presentation software Adobe Reader, Microsoft Power Point and OpenOffice Presenter are available.

Poster Session with Personal Invitations

There will be a poster exhibition during the whole workshop day including a Poster Coffee times in the morning and in the afternoon. Recommended poster format is DIN A0 Portrait. Please put up your poster in the morning. The poster number is shown on each board, pins are provided.

The possibility for personal poster invitations via the conference database will be provided. Take the opportunity to get in contact with scientists who do not know your research, but whose expertise is relevant for you!

Lightning Talks

All poster authors are invited to present their subject in a short "lightning talk" to the plenary. Here you have one minute and one slide to present your poster. The intention of lightning talks is to provide the audience  with a quick overview over the topics - there is time to explain the details in the poster session.

The presentation file must be submitted online (Login + Password from the registration mail). Deadline for submission of presentation files is Thursday 9:00 in the morning.  Only pdf-files will be accepted. You should indicate the poster number on your slide (cf. slide template here). All submitted pdf-files will get merged into one large pdf-file by the conference office. A missing file implies that you do not want to take part in the lightning talks.

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