4 Methods in Ecology and Environmental Research

Chair: Taina Conrad, Matthias Schott

Thursday, 09:15-10:21, H 36

The methods we use in our research are constantly changing with new technologies being developed or old ones being used for new applications. It is difficult to keep track of all the different possibilities we have to answer our questions about the environment. This session aims to have a look at the various methods we find within the BayCEER and invites anyone to present their method of choice for their particular research question - be it a particular instrument or a special way to use a method. We hope this will give rise to new ideas and new collaborations.

We specifically invite researches from ALL disciplines to share their approach and join this session.

09:15O 4.1: Gregor Mathes et al.: Towards robust statistical inference in ecology
09:20O 4.2: Dimitri Seidenath et al.: Bumblebee tagging – a new method to track individual flight activity in the field
09:25O 4.3: Frederic Hüftlein et al.: Phenoloxidase activity and electroantennography – methods to measure sublethal effects of particulate stressors in insects
09:35O 4.4: Edward Muhoko et al.: Assessing phenological changes in the conservation areas of southern Africa
09:40O 4.5: Elisabeth Eckenberger et al.: Catch me if you can: Evaluating sampling methods for airborne submicron particles’ composition analysis
09:45O 4.7: Andrea E. Colina Blanco et al.: Enemy in disguise? Dimethylmonothioarsenate (DMMTA) in rice
09:50O 4.8: Ryan Bartnick et al.: Method Development for Detection of PE, PET, and PS in Soil using Offline Pyrolysis combined with TD-GC-MS/MS
09:55O 4.9: Gerhard Gebauer: Hydrogen stable isotopes in organic matter – an underrepresented tool in ecological and environmental studies with great potential
10:05O 4.10: Jacqueline Sahm et al.: Effect of age on the juvenile hormone III and methyl geranate levels produced by burying beetle females
10:10O 4.11: Madlen Prang et al.: Sibling cooperation in a genus with interspecific variation in offspring dependence
10:15O 4.12: Marvin Kiene et al.: The defence index: a framework to simplify studies on complex defence strategies
10:30 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


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