Thursday, 14.10.2021

TimeH 36

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 Workshop Opening & Welcome Message
Prof. Dr. Tillmann Lüders, BayCEER Vice Director


"Methods in Ecology and Environmental Research"

Chair: Taina Conrad, Matthias Schott

O 4.1: Gregor Mathes et al.: Towards robust statistical inference in ecology
09:21O 4.2: Dimitri Seidenath et al.: Bumblebee tagging – a new method to track individual flight activity in the field
09:27O 4.3: Frederic Hüftlein et al.: Phenoloxidase activity and electroantennography – methods to measure sublethal effects of particulate stressors in insects
09:33O 4.4: Edward Muhoko et al.: Assessing phenological changes in the conservation areas of southern Africa
09:39O 4.5: Elisabeth Eckenberger et al.: Catch me if you can: Evaluating sampling methods for airborne submicron particles’ composition analysis
09:45O 4.7: Andrea E. Colina Blanco et al.: Enemy in disguise? Dimethylmonothioarsenate (DMMTA) in rice
09:51O 4.8: Ryan Bartnick et al.: Method Development for Detection of PE, PET, and PS in Soil using Offline Pyrolysis combined with TD-GC-MS/MS
09:57O 4.9: Gerhard Gebauer: Hydrogen stable isotopes in organic matter – an underrepresented tool in ecological and environmental studies with great potential
10:03O 4.10: Jacqueline Sahm et al.: Effect of age on the juvenile hormone III and methyl geranate levels produced by burying beetle females
10:09O 4.11: Madlen Prang et al.: Sibling cooperation in a genus with interspecific variation in offspring dependence
10:15O 4.12: Marvin Kiene et al.: The defence index: a framework to simplify studies on complex defence strategies

 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


Morning Poster Session


Discussion Forum with Speakers from Session Methods in Ecology and Environmental Research


"Forest disturbances and future choices"

Chair: Anke Jentsch, Andreas von Heßberg, Tanja Sanders

O 2.1: Mani Shrestha et al.: At the brink: extreme weather event intensity and interactions determine ecological response across tree species
11:45O 2.2: Pia Bradler et al.: Klimawald Bayreuth - Forests in a changing climate
12:00O 2.3: Daniel Thomas et al.: Evidence for alternate stable states in an Ecuadorian Andean Cloud Forest
12:15O 2.5: Anne Gnilke: Remote sensing allows reconstruction of forest disturbance history
12:30O 2.6: Catrin Stadelmann et al.: Vulnerability of forest stands to storm damage - How well can we model critical wind speed?



"BayCEER Tales: Earth-atmosphere exchange told by volatile organic compounds"

Keynote speaker: Prof. Anke Nölscher, Atmospheric Chemistry


"What goes around comes around - Biogeochemical cycling of Iron, Sulfur & Carbon in the Environment"

Chair: Kerstin Hockmann, Felix Beulig, Martin Obst

O 3.1: Philipp Knobloch et al.: Not with our species! Peatlands being no sinks for methylated and thiolated arsenates
14:45O 3.2: Laura Wegner et al.: Mobility of toxic antimony during aeration of Fe(II)-rich waters
15:00O 3.3: José Miguel León Ninin et al.: Old and gassy: Increasing methane release from a paddy soils chronosequence with climate change
15:15O 3.4: Peter Stimmler et al.: Deep thaw - What is the answer to permafrost, microbes, silicon and all the rest?

Afternoon Poster Session


"Soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions in a changing climate"

Chair: Eva Lehndorff, Nele Meyer, Anke Nölscher, Johanna Pausch

O 1.1: Nele Meyer et al.: Soil and ecosystem carbon dynamics in a warming Subarctic
16:12O 1.2: Steve Kwatcho Kengdo et al.: Long-term soil warming alters fine root dynamics and morphology, and their ectomycorrhizal fungal community in a temperate forest soil
16:24O 1.3: Tina Köhler et al.: Responsiveness to soil drying of maize is related to decreasing belowground hydraulic conductivity
16:36O 1.4: Muhammad Usman Munir et al.: Investigating the Impact of Local Climate Change on Surface/Groundwater Interactions in Headwater Catchments
16:48O 1.5: Franziska Zahn et al.: Increasing ‘self-supply’ of orchid Cremastra appendiculata during ontogenetic development with changing subterranean morphology and fungal associates
17:00O 1.6: Julius Seidler et al.: Variability of Airborne Ultrafine Particles around Munich Airport: Preliminary Results from Summer 2021


Come together & BayCEER Awards Session
(Foyer NW III)

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