Künster, J: Waste-Management in Mazabuka - Sambia. "SWERS" - angepasste Lösung mit Modellcharakter, oder nicht konkurrenzfähiges Kleinunternehmen? AV Akademikerverlag, EAN: 9783639677126, (2014) [Link]
Southern Wings Environmental Recovery Service: Role-model-, locally adapted solution - or non-competitive micro-enterprise? In this work the waste management system of a Zambian mid-sized city is being analyzed. Specifically, legal-, institutional-, cultural-, economic- and ecologic factors are being scrutinized. Hereby, the author manages to illustrate characteristic challenges of waste management in the Global South by giving multiple examples of first hand observations. Secondly, the author executes an organizational analysis of a micro-enterprise which is involved in execution of the local waste management. Hence, the author manages to give an answer to the question if the operator model of hand-/donkey chart waste collection, which is commonly labelled as a best-practice in scientific literature, can be named a role-model approach, empirically. Lastly, the author formulates recommendations concerning the practices of waste management in the Global South in general, as well as in regard to the examined micro-enterprise specifically.
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