Künster, J: Geschichte des Abfalls: Ein Vergleich zur geschichtlichen Entwicklung der Abfälle in den Gesellschaften des Globalen Nordens und Südens, AV Akademikerverlag, EAN: 9783639790573, (2015) [Link]
The History of Waste: A comparative study on the evolution of wastes in the societies of the Global North and South This work offers the reader a valuable introduction into the realm of human society and the characteristics of the respective wastes that emerge over time. The author looks at ancient waste treatment practices as well as current emerging challenges and future trends on a global scale. In doing so, he manages to investigate and asses if the supposed role-model waste management systems of the Global North deserve this labelling in regard to their de facto economic and ecologic sustainability. In addition to this, the author describes and analyses the specific challenges of waste management in the Global South. Based on this, he consequently points out potential approaches that promise to ameliorate the status quo. The herein identified solutions seem relevant for a broad field of actors. Therefore, this work is hoped to further contribute to a continuous exchange between the private sector, science and academics, administration and agents of development cooperation.
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