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EUROCHAMP-Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes

The fundamental objective of the project is the integration of the most important environmental reaction chambers in Europe for studying atmospheric processes into a Europe-wide infrastructure. These facilities were created by multinational initiatives to study the impact of atmospheric processes on regional photochemistry, global change, as well as cultural heritage and human health effects under most realistic conditions. Participating laboratories are from Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Denmark. The main research activities of the Atmospheric Chemistry Research Laboratory at Bayreuth are the characterisation of aerosols and the investigation of aerosol reactions (organic coatings of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) and deliquescent sea-salt) in indoor photoreactors. A low-temperature aerosol simulation chamber facility (LOTASC) has been constructed in order to investigate the aerosol-partitioning of semi-volatile compounds at low temperature (down to -25°C). This will allow simulating tropospheric photochemistry, including cirrus clouds. Furthermore, every institution participates in building up a database of smogchamber experiments, see http://eurochamp-database.es/.

Completed Projects (with main focus on this field)

Frank Siekmann, Sergej Bleicher, Lei Han, Julian Wittmer, Heinz-Ulrich Krüger +, Cornelius Zetzsch
EU (RII3-CT-2004-505968)Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmspheric Processes (EUROCHAMP)
Frank Siekmann, Johannes Ofner, Heinz-Ulrich Krüger +, Cornelius Zetzsch

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