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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Junior Professorship Atmospheric Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Past Agenda

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Th. 2010-03-11 (18:00)Natur + Wissenschaft: Augenzeugen berichten: Der Kilimanjaro – Lebensräume zwischen tropischer Hitze und Gletschereis [Details]
Th. 2010-03-04 (18:00)Natur + Wissenschaft: Augenzeugen berichten: Unsere ältesten Kinder – wie alt sind sie? Die Säuglingsfunde von Krems-Wachtberg [Details]
Th. 2010-02-25 (18:00)Natur + Wissenschaft: Augenzeugen berichten: Explosiv und giftig - Forschung an den heißen Quellen im Yellowstone Nationalpark, USA [Details]
Th. 2010-02-11 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Can carbon payment schemes stop the spread of industrial agriculture in South-East Asia? [Details]
Mo. 2010-02-08 (18:00)Geoökologen backstage: Arsen von Kindesbeinen an [Details]Robert Vandré
Th. 2010-02-04 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Produzieren Pflanzen tatsächlich Methan? [Details]
Th. 2010-01-28 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: From moving seeds to shifting ranges: A demographic approach to plant biogeography [Details]
Th. 2010-01-21 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Bodenstruktur und arbuskuläre Mykorrhizapilze [Details]
Th. 2010-01-14 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Integrated eco-hydrological analysis in the Elbe river basin [Details]
Th. 2010-01-07 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Chemical diversity in tritrophic interactions - when things get complex [Details]
Th. 2009-12-17 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Research at the new climatology group at UBT - an introduction [Details]
Th. 2009-12-10 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Lipids in plants and soils: New insights and challenges regarding formation, incorporation and turnover [Details]
Mo. 2009-12-07 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Talk canceled! [Details]
Th. 2009-11-19 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Conservation of a vast arid ecosystem - Habitat mapping and modelling in southern Mongolia [Details]
Th. 2009-11-12 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Baumartenwahl im Klimawandel [Details]
Th. 2009-11-05 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Alkylated metal(loid) species in environmental chemistry and medicine [Details]
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