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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Junior Professorship Atmospheric Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Field Experiments


2015: iNNAQS, Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck Air Quality Study


2015: Melpitz Column, Leipzig, Germany

MelCol experiment in Melpitz/Saxony


2014: F-BEACh 2014, Fichtelgebirge, Deutschland

Biogenic Emissions and Aerosol Chemistry in the Fichtelgebirge mountains


2013: GLOBOENET, Fichtelgebirge, Germany

Biogenic emissions of volatile organic compounds at a spruce site


2013 HONO, Schneefernerhaus, Zugspitze, Germany

HONO measurements in the free troposphere


2013 HaloProc, Lake King, Western Australia

Subproject: Halogen-induced new particle formation at salt lakes


2012 HONO, Fichtelgebirge, Germany

Exchange processes in mountainous regions


2012 NAIS, Fichtelgebirge, Germany

Air ion measurements and secondary aerosol formation


2012 HaloProc, Dead Sea, Israel

Subproject: Halogen-induced new particle formation at salt lakes


2012 HaloProc, Lake King, West-Australia

Subproject: Halogen-induced new particle formation at salt lakes


2011 RAISE, Chico, CA, USA

Intercomparison experiment Aerosol Lidar - Optical particle spectrometers


2011 BLACCATS, Fichtelgebirge, Germany

BLACCATS: Bayreuth Leipzig Aerosol Condensational Counter And Turbulence Study


2011 EGER, Fichtelgebirge, Germany

EGER: Exchange processes in mountainous regions


2009 MEGAPOLI Paris Plume Study – Paris, France

MEGAPOLI: Megacities: Emissions, urban, regional and global atmospheric pollution and climate effects, and integrated tools for assessment and mitigation


2009 Prescribed Burning Experiment – Hyytiälä, Finland


2008 ASCOS – Arctic Ocean

ASCOS: Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study


2007 TDCIMS – Marshall, CO, USA

TDCIMS: Thermal Desorption Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry


2007 CHATS – Dixon, CA, USA

CHATS: Canopy Horizontal Array Turbulence Study


2006 CELTIC-Niwot Ridge – Colorado Front Range, USA

CELTIC: Chemical emission, loss, transformation and interactions within canopies


2005 DECELPI – Cabauw, The Netherlands

DECELPI: Disjunct Eddy Covariance Electrical Low Pressure Impactor


2001/2002 BEWA2000 – Fichtelgebirge, Germany

BEWA: Regional biogenic emissions of reactive volatile organic compounds (BVOC) from forests


2000/2001/2002 LAMPAS – Fichtelgebirge, Germany

LAMPAS: Laser Mass Analysis of Particles in the Airborne State

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