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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Junior Professorship Atmospheric Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Completed Projects


  • Biogenic VOC emissions and secondary aerosol formation
    Anne Genslein, Sebastian Schmitt, Teresa Vogl, Andreas Held [Details]

  • Field and laboratory studies of aerosol formation from halogenated precursor gases
    Katharina Kamilli, Charlotte Diesing, Rabea Schmidt, Lisa Güntner, Samantha Wittke, Andreas Held [Details]


  • Nitrous acid (HONO) source and sink processes in a disturbed forest ecosystem - interactions of heterogeneous chemistry and turbulent transport
    Matthias Sörgel, Erika Durán, Jennifer Klein, Milan Flach, Mirella Glor, Andreas Held [Details]

  • Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study
    Josefine Walz, Katharina Wissmüller, Andreas Held [Details]


  • Novel Experimental Techniques for the physical and chemical characterization of Nucleation mode Aerosol Particles (NETNAP)
    Stefan Gonser, Christopher Berberich, Felix Klein, Andreas Held [Details]


  • Intercomparison studies of lidar aerosol backscatter observations and in-situ particle flux and size distribution measurements
    Shane Mayor, Theresa Seith, Andreas Held [Details]

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