Cartography, Geo- AI, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Presenting person: Dr. Britta Ricker, Utrecht University
Tu. 2022-05-24 (16:15-17:45), INF/ AI, H33 + online

To ameliorate wicked problems facing our world, from poverty, hunger, biodiversity pres-
ervation, access to water, education, equal rights, and more, the United Nations has iden-
tied a set of seventeen global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To achieve each
of these goals, a set of targets and over 200 indicators have been recognized and agreed
upon among UN member states. Well-designed maps and graphics portraying SDG in-
dicator data that inform decision-makers to decide where to place interventions to reach
the targets. Design choices inuence what will then be understood from the map and de-
cisions that are subsequently made. Currently, indicator data are collected in an uneven
heterogeneous manner, aggregated at an imprecise national level, and data are missing
in some of the most impoverished parts of the world. is is where Geospatial Articial
Intelligence (GeoAI) could help. rough the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to collect
remotely sensed imagery, combined with computer vision soware systems to process it,
data collection, and visualization strategies could be improved worldwide. In this talk, I
will present specic considerations related to data sovereignty and GeoAI practices, car-
tography and the UN SDGs.

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