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ERC Consolidator Grant

As one of 48 German researchers Prof. Dr. Christoph Thomas, Professor of Micrometeorology at the University of Bayreuth, has received an ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. This research award enables 314 internationally renowned scientists to build and consolidate their own independent research group with a groundbreaking project. With the funding sum of EUR 1.9 million, Christoph Thomas will investigate meteorological phenomena taking place in the dark.


New Classification System for European Vegetation

In the current issue of the journal "Applied Vegetation Science" plant scientists present the first comprehensive and critical account of the hierarchical syntaxonomic system of communities of vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, and algae in Europe, synthesizing more than 100 years of research in classification of vegetation. The new system is published with open access and aims at documenting standardization of concepts and terminology of syntaxa and informing calibration of habitat classifications for environmental assessment, nature management, conservation, landscape planning, and education. The authors - among them Jürgen Dengler, Plant Ecology Group in Bayreuth - evaluated approximately 10,000 bibliographic sources to revise previously proposed classification units.


Africa’s tallest trees

While world records of tree heights were set by American, Australian and Asian tree species, Africa seemed to play no role here. A group of researchers led by Dr. Andreas Hemp, Department of Plant Systematics at the University of Bayreuth, shows in a recent study that individuals of the tree species Entandrophragma excelsum found in a remote valley at Kilimanjaro has to be included in the list of the world’s superlative trees - and to be protected.


4th International Hydrogeosphere Users Conference

The 4th International Hydrogeosphere Users Conference will take place from 6th to 10th of March 2017 at the University of Bayreuth. Scientists and model developers will discuss the simulation of coupled surface and subsurface flow and transport processe, exchange ideas and coordinate future research. Deadline for registration is January 22. More information and registration...

Books & literature

Special issue on Palaearctic steppes published

A team of five editors led by Prof. Jürgen Dengler has published a 400-page Special Issue of the international journal “Biodiversity and Conservation” on ecology, biodiversity and conservation of Palaearctic steppes. Palaearctic steppes occur from Morocco in the west to China and Mongolia in the East, thus constituting one of the largest contiguous biomes of the world. They are underrepresented in the international conservation discussion to date.


In Bildern erzählt: Forschung im tropische Bergregenwald

Der neue, reich bebilderte Forschungsband "Biodiversity Hotspot – Tropical Mountain Rainforest" von Prof. Franz X. Bogner, Prof. em. Erwin Beck (Universität Bayreuth) und Prof. Jörg Bendix (Universität Marburg) erzählt anschaulich aus einer Dekade Forschung in der Estación Científica San Francisco im Südecuadorianischen Bergwald. Schwerpunkte sind Klimawandel, Ökosystemdienstleistungen, die Restaurierung aufgegebener Landwirtschaftsflächen und die funktionellen Wechselwirkungen im Ökosystem.

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