Molecular biological and chemical Characterisation, modelling and optimisation of an established biogas plant

Bayer. Forschungsstiftung (AZ: 593/03)

From 03/2005 to 02/2008

Principal Investigator: Stefan Peiffer
Staff: Likke Likke

The production of methan and energy in biogas-reactors are slowed down in the presence of higher ammonium-concentrated substance. Unfortunately, due to the extreme complexity of “biology”, a systematic analysis to discover the reasons for this phenomenon has always been hampered. The aim of this project is first of all to characterize an established biogas plant in a molecular-biologic, process-engineering system; upon which, possible applications of physical-chemical methods for ammonia removal could be examined using process-simulations and observed practices. A stable and efficient process control is expected by successful results, which would consequently mean a significant increase in the economic efficiency of biogas plants. With more than 100 biogas plants located in Germany, substantial application potentials are assured.

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