Harald ZandlerDr.

Harald Zandler


Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-4655
Room: Zapf 4, 4.2.22
e-Mail: harald.zandler(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Research Group of Climatology

Research interests:

  • High mountain and dryland research
  • Ecological Climatology
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Central Asia


Selected Publications


Harald Zandler, Isabell Haag, Cyrus Samimi: Evaluation needs and temporal performance differences of gridded precipitation products in peripheral mountain regions. In: Scientific Reports, 9 (2019). - .


Kim André Vanselow, Harald Zandler, Cyrus Samimi: Methods of Assessing Vegetation Dynamics and Pasture Potentials in High Mountain Regions. In: Viktor G. Sychev, Lothar Mueller (Hrsg.): Novel Methods and Results of Landscape Research in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia. Vol. III. Landscape Monitoring and Modelling. - Moscow : 2018. - S. 209-213.


Harald Zandler, Thomas Morche, Cyrus Samimi: Wind and solar power as possible energy alternatives in peripheral high mountains? : Insights from the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan. In: Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories, 9 (2017). - S. 343-354.


Paul Schumacher, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Alexander Brenning, Harald Zandler, Martin Brandt, Cyrus Samimi, Thomas Koellner: Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?. In: Remote Sensing, 8 (2016). - .

Harald Zandler, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Cyrus Samimi: Scenarios of Solar Energy Use on the “Roof of the World” : Potentials and Environmental Benefits. In: Mountain Research and Development, 36 (2016). - S. 256-266.


Harald Zandler, Cyrus Samimi, Alexander Brenning: Potential of Space-Borne Hyperspectral Data for Biomass Quantification in an Arid Environment : Advantages and Limitations. In: Remote Sensing, 7 (2015). - S. 4565-4580.

Harald Zandler, Cyrus Samimi, Alexander Brenning: Quantifying dwarf shrub biomass in an arid environment : comparing empirical methods in a high dimensional setting. In: Remote Sensing of Environment, 158 (2015). - S. 140-155.

Harald Zandler:Assessment of Woody Biomass and Solar Energy Resources with Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques : A Regional Study in the High Mountains of the Eastern Pamirs (Tajikistan). - Bayreuth: 2015. - XVIII, 131 S.
(Dissertation, 2015, Universität Bayreuth, Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften)

Georg Hohberg, Fanny Kreczi, Harald Zandler: High mountain societies and limited local resources : livelihoods and energy utilization in the Eastern Pamirs, Tajikistan. In: Erdkunde, 69 (2015). - S. 233-246.

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