Yujie NiuDr.

Yujie Niu

Disturbance Ecology

Phone: 0921-552242
Room: GEO II, Rm 109
e-Mail: Yujie.Niu(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Disturbance Ecology

Research interests:

  • vegetation science with focus on grasslands and alpine ecosystems
  • theoretical and disciplinary framework of disturbance and restoration ecology
  • consequences of human influence on terrestrial ecosystems (overgrazing, global climate change, etc.)
  • plant community dynamics and ecosystem degradation and restoration

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Upcoming ...

BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2024-06-06
Tracking plant diversity dynamics on islands over thousands of years
Mo. 2024-06-10
Arsenic biogeochemistry from paddy soil to rice grain
Th. 2024-06-13
Seeing the forest beneath the trees: Mycorrhizal fungi as trait integrators of ecosystem processes
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
We. 2024-05-29
Führung | "Grüne Apotheke: Heilpflanzen"
Inaugural Lecture:
We. 2024-05-22
Funktionelle Pilzökologie: Diversität und Prozesse auf unterschiedlichen Skalen
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