Ben Gilfedder: Projects

  • SFB1357: TPB03 Behavior of micro-plastic in fluvial systems (SFB1357-B03)
    Taotao Lu, Jan-Pascal Boos, Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein [Details]

  • The influence of topography and other natural factors on the mobilization of dissolved organic carbon in the Bavarian Forest National Park (Bayer Wald)
    This joint project aims to understand mechanisms influencing DOC export and mobilization in the streams of the Bavarian Forest National Park, with the focus on topography . [Details]

Completed Projects

  • A multi-disciplinary approach to delineate small scale interactions and couplings between hydrology and biogeochemistry in riparian wetlands. (FR 2858/2-1)
    Sven Nordsiek, Stefan Durejka, Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder [Details]

  • Seezeichen: tracer methods for identifying groundwater and surface water cycling, an example from Lake Constance (02WRM1365B)
    Catharina Keim, Ben Gilfedder [Details]

Projects from other divisions

  • Seezeichen: tracer methods for identifying groundwater and surface water cycling, an example from Lake Constance (02WRM1365B)
    Ben Gilfedder [Details]

  • TP3 Influence of multiple stressors on N, C and Fe turnover in the hyporheic zone (AQUAKLIF_TP3)
    Carolin Hiller, Robin Kaule, Stefan Peiffer, Ben Gilfedder [Details]

  • SFB 1357 TPB02: Verhalten und Transport von Mikroplastik in der strömungsarmen Wassersäule (SFB1357 B02)
    Hassan Elagami, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein, Martin Obst, Sven Frei [Details]

Upcoming ...

BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2020-01-30
BayCEER Mitgliederversammlung
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2020-02-02
Mehr als Sonne und Strand: Pflanzen der Karibik
Geographisches Kolloquium:
Tu. 2020-01-28
Adivasis in the Anthropocene - What an Environmental History of Eastern India can tell us about the global agricultural and food crisis
Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Bayreuth:
Mo. 2020-01-27 now
Das Insekten- und Vogelsterben vor dem Hintergrund der Natur- und Kulturlandschaftsgeschichte – und wie wir es überwinden können
SFB Mikroplastik:
Mo. 2020-01-27 now
Wissenschaftskommunikation: Nachhaltigkeit und Mikroplastik
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