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Yakov Kuzyakov: Projects

  • Linking nutrient cycles, land use and biodiversity along an elevation gradient on Mt. Kilimanjaro (DFG KU 1184/20
    FOR 1246)

    Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Functional relationships between land-use, climate and biogeochemical cycles (DFG FOR 1246 - Syn 2)
    Synthesis Project 2 of the Research Unit KiLi (DFG FOR 1246) [Details]

  • Rhizodeposition is the main source of carbon and energy for nutrient mobilization in subsoil (DFG KU 1184/21
    FOR 1320)

    Silke Hafner, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Quantification of postsedimentary root-derived C in loess using molecular proxies for the improvement of paleoenvironmental reconstructions (DFG WI2810/10-1)
    Martina Gocke, Yakov Kuzyakov, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

  • Position-specific transformation of low molecular weight organic substances in soil (DFG KU 1184/19)
    Michaela Dippold, Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Element cycles in mountain regions under differing land use (TERRECO WP 2-05)
    Janine Kettering, Yakov Kuzyakov, Jae E. Yang, Yong Sik Ok [Details]

  • Processes of litter and soil organic matter transformation during extreme drying/wetting as assessed by compound-specific isotope approaches (DFG GL 327/11-1
    FOR 562)

    Steffen Heinrich, Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Processes of litter and soil organic matter transformation during extreme drying/wetting as assessed by compound-specific isotope approaches (DFG GL 327/11-1; FOR 562)
    Steffen Heinrich, Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Sensitivity of soil organic matter pools decomposition to microbial activity and temperature: a 13C and 14C tracer study (MolTER)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Mobilisation anorganischer Schadstoffe durch Priming-Effekte (DAAD)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

Projects from other divisions

  • Investigation of carbon turnover in grassland sites in Northern Bavarian low mountain ranges under extreme climate conditions (FORKAST_05)
    Michael Riederer, Thomas Foken, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Root exudation and the biophysics of the rizosphere (DFG CA921/3-1)
    Root exudates help to improve nutrient uptake and microbial activity. This project aims to understand the soil and root properties affecting the spatial and temporal distribution of root exudates. Novel imaging methods (neutron radiography, 14C imaging, zymography) and numerical models are used to visualize and interpret profiles of root exudates as a function of distance from the root surface. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Y. Kuzyakov (Uni-Göttingen). [Details]

  • Linking nutrient cycles, land use and biodiversity along an altitudinal gradient at Mt. Kilimanjaro (KiLi SP 3)
    Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Ralf Kiese, Yakov Kuzyakov, Salim M. S. Maliondo, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Bruno Glaser [Details]

  • Effect of polymers on plant residuals decomposition in agroecosystems (TERRECO WP 2-08)
    Yasser Mahmoud Awad, Yong Sik Ok, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Processes of soil organic matter transformation during extreme drying/wetting assessed by compound-specific isotope approaches (DFG FOR 562 TP 7: (2008-2011))
    Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Si uptake by plants and transformation of phytogenic Si (DFG KU 1184/10)
    Martina Gocke, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Holozäne De-/Silifizierung in terrestrischen Biogeosystemen und Identifikation von Si-Pools mit stabilen Isotopen (DFG KU 1184/11)
    Martina Gocke, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Fate of Plant Residues in Soil Organic Matter Pools under Contrast Land Use as Evaluated by Two Tracer Techniques (AvH, INI 1128575 STP-2)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Quantifizierung der Rate der CaCO3-Rekristallisation im Boden und Bildung pedogener Karbonate unter verschiedenen Bedingungen: Experimente, Modell und Überprüfung (DFG KU 1184/9)
    Martina Gocke, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Transformation of 14C labeled biopolymers by the geophagous earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa and its microbial associates (DAAD)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Untersuchung der Verfügbarkeit und mikrobielles Umsatzes von Kohlenstoff im Boden unter Miscanthus x giganteus mit Hilfe natürlicher 13C-Abundanz (DAAD)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Modeling of priming effects for precise description of soil organic matter dynamics (AvH)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Microbial competition as a driving force of primed soil organic matter decomposition (EU MICROSOM)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Effect of new phosphorus fertilizers on Soil Organic Matter decomposition rate, dynamics of CO2 emission and microbial biomass in the carbonate typical serozem soil of Uzbekistan (DAAD)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Einfluss erhöhter CO2-Konzentration auf die Menge und die Aktivität mikrobieller Biomasse im Boden (Land BW)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Mechanismen und ökologische Relevanz von Priming-Effekten in Böden (DAAD)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • C sequestration in soil under Miscanthus as estimated by 13C natural abundance (DBU)
    Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

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