Thomas Nauß: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Impacts of environmental change on climate and ecosystem in southern Ecuador (DFG FOR 816 - D3 (NA 783/6-1))
    Jörg Bendix, Thomas Nauß [Details]

  • Climate dynamics of the Kilimanjaro region (DFG FOR 1264 (NA 783/5-1))
    Tim Appelhans, Thomas Nauß, Jörg Bendix, Andreas Hemp [Details]

  • Satellite Supported Generation of Area Wide Climate and Vegetation Datasets for an Integrative Analysis of Ecosystem-Biodiversity Relationships on Grassland Area (DFG 1374 (NA 783/3-1))
    Thomas Nauß, Jörg Bendix [Details]

  • Development of an operational technique for the computation of rainfall rates based on multispectral cloud properties. (BE 1780/18-1)
    Boris Thies, Jörg Bendix, Thomas Nauß [Details]

Projects from other divisions

Completed Projects

  • Central database, communication platform and data synthesis of the research unit KiLi (KiLi Central Project 2)
    Paul Msemwa, Markus Fischer, Thomas Nauß, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Andreas Hemp, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter [Details]

  • Climate Dynamics of the Kilimanjaro Region (KiLi SP 1)
    Ephraim A. Mwangomo, Andreas Hemp, Thomas Nauß, Jörg Bendix, Leendert A. (Sampurno) Bruijnzeel, Nyamakumbati Mafuru [Details]

  • Central data services and SVAT modeling (DFG FOR 816 - Z1.1 (NA 783/1-1))
    Dietrich Göttlicher, Thomas Nauß, Jörg Bendix [Details]

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