Martin Pfeiffer: Publications

Pfeiffer, M; Dulamsuren, C; Jäschke, Y; Wesche, K: Grasslands of China and Mongolia: Spatial Extent, Land Use and Conservation. In: Squires, V.R., Dengler, J., Feng, H. and Hua, L. (eds.): Grasslands of the World: Diversity, Management and Conservation. CRC Press, Boca Raton, US., , 167-196 (2018)
Poloczek, A; Pfeiffer, M; Schneider, R; Mühlenberg, M: The Chilopoda (Myriapoda) of the Khentey-Mountain Range, Northern Mongolia. Communities of different forest-types under a varying fire regime, European Journal of Soil Biology, 74, 114-120 (2016), doi:10.1016/j.ejsobi.2016.04.004
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BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2020-01-23
Understanding biodiversity dynamics – from human dominated systems to the fossil record
Th. 2020-01-30
BayCEER Mitgliederversammlung
Th. 2020-04-23
Physical constraints and biological controls of plant-environment interactions
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2020-02-02
Mehr als Sonne und Strand: Pflanzen der Karibik
Geographisches Kolloquium:
Tu. 2020-01-28
Adivasis in the Anthropocene - What an Environmental History of Eastern India can tell us about the global agricultural and food crisis
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