Bettina Engelbrecht: Publications

Peer reviewed


Álvarez-Cansino, L., Comita, L., Jones, F., Manzané-Pinzón, E., Browne, L., Engelbrecht, B.: Turgor loss point predicts survival responses to experimental and natural drought in tropical tree seedlings. Ecology, 103(6), No. e3700 (2022).

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Winter, K., Engelbrecht, B.: Short-term CO₂ responses of light and dark CO₂ fixation in the crassulacean acid metabolism plant "Kalanchoe pinnata". Journal of Plant Physiology, 144(4-5), 462-467 (1994).

Books and Book sections


Pino, D., Condit, R., Turner, B., Perez, R., Engelbrecht, B.: Soil nutrients and water availability shape species distributions in tropical forests. In: Manfred Niekisch, Bruno Streit (eds.): Status and future of tropical biodiversity : Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology, 21 - 24 February 2011, Frankfurt a.M.: Programme & abstracts. - Frankfurt a.M. : 2011. - 220.


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Engelbrecht, B.: Comparison of the diversity, abundance and distribution of Piper species in two neotropical forests with different rainfall regimes. In: Kurzbeiträge zur Tropenökologie : Zusammenfassungen der Beiträge des DFG-Abschlußsymposiums "Mechanismen der Aufrechterhaltung tropischer Diversität" (18.-19. Februar 1998) und der 11. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie (20.-22. Februar 1998 in Bielefeld). - Bielefeld : Abt. Ökologie der Univ. Bielefeld, 1998.

Other publications


Coste, S., Engelbrecht, B., Swaine, M.: Quantifying tree species shade tolerance. CoForChange Newsletter, 6 (2012).


Engelbrecht, B.: Tropische Wälder und Globaler Wandel : Forschung über Trockenheit im Regenwald. Spektrum, 7(1), 20-23 (2011).


Coste, S., Engelbrecht, B., Swaine, M.: Light requirements and drought tolerance : Experiments launched in Pointe-Noire. CoForChange Newsletter, 3 (2010).

Engelbrecht, B.: Expedition in den Kongo : das Schicksal tropischer Wälder bei globalem Wandel. Spektrum, (2), 23 (2010).


Engelbrecht, B.: Studying drought in the rain. STRI News, (2007).


Engelbrecht, B.: Dry and wet season survival. STRI News, (2005).

Engelbrecht, B., Comita, L.: Linking seedling drought resistance with species habitat associations: dry season mortality. Center for Tropical Forest Science Newsletter, 3, 3 (2005).

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