Mucina, L; Dengler, J; Bergmeier, E; Čarni, A; Dimopolous, P; Jahn, R; Matevski, V: New and validated high-rank syntaxa from Europe., Lazaroa, 30, 269-278 (2010)
Key words: Elyno-Seslerietea, European Dry Grassland Group (EDGG), Festuco-Brometea, grazing, Helianthem- etea guttati, Koelerio-Corynephoretea, Mediterranean, Molinio-Arrhenatheretea
In the course of the compilation of a checklist of the high-rank syntaxa of Europe, it turned out that for several syntaxa no valid and le- gitimate names were available. With this contribution, we aim to solve some of the problems by publishing or validating seven syntaxon names (1 order, 5 alliances, 1 association) and by proposing a nomen novum for one illegitimate alliance name. The validations concern the Artemisio albi-Brometalia erecti (Festuco-Brometea; xerophytic basiphilous grasslands in subatlantic-submediterranean Europe), Dictamno albi-Ferulagion galbaniferae (Antherico ramosi-Geranietalia sanguinei, Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei; xerophytic basiphilous forest-edge communities of the Balkans and the SE Alps), Euphorbio taurinensis-Geranion lucidi (Geranio-Cardaminetalia hirsutae, Stellarietea mediae; short-lived nitrophilous forest-edge communities of Macedonia), and Gentianello amarellae-Helictotrichion pratensis (Brometalia erecti, Festuco-Brometea; meso-xerophytic basiphilous grasslands of NW Europe). A new alliance, the Alkanno baeoticae-Pinion halepensis (Quer- cetalia ilicis, Quercetea ilicis; pine forests on ultramafic soils on the island of Euboea), is described to replace the nomen dubium Alyssion euboei. The Alkanno baeoticae-Pinetum halepensis is described as a new association to serve as the type of the Alkanno-Pinion. Finally, within the Poterietalia spinosi (Cisto-Micromerietea julianae), the Helichryso barrelieri-Phagnalion graeci (phrygana communities on non- calcareous substrates in the south Aegean region) is described as new to science, and the nomen novum Hyperico olympici-Cistion cretici (phrygana communities on non-calcareous substrates in northern Greece) is proposed to replace the illegitimate Cistion orientale.
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