Jandt, U; Becker, T; Dengler, J; Janišová, M: Dry grasslands: species interactions and distribution – Editorial to the Special Feature with contributions from the 6th European Dry Grassland Meeting 2009 in Halle (Saale)., Tuexenia, 30, 349-355 (2010)
Key words: conference report, conservation, European Dry Grassland Group, phytosociology, vegeta- tion classification, vegetation database
In our contribution, we report on the 6 European Dry Grassland Meeting held from 31 August to 1 September 2009 in Halle (Saale), Germany. The meeting was attended by 40 participants, who gave 15 oral and 17 poster presentations. The rapid positive development of the European Dry Grassland Group (EDGG), the organiser of this conference, is mentioned: the inclusion of the EDGG in the Inter- national Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) as a working group, the establishment of two new subgroups focussing on Mediterranean and South-East European dry grasslands, respectively, and the organisation of the first EDGG research expedition in 2010 belong to the most important events. In the last part of our contribution, we give a short introduction to the six articles of this Special Feature. Two of them deal with phytosociological classification of semi-natural grassland communities, one with veg- etation-environment relationships. Two papers are concerned with conservational topics, one focussing on the population structure of endangered Pulsatilla patens, the other dealing with conservation of xeric grasslands in Transylvania. The last paper examines temporal changes in calcareous grasslands with regard to species diversity.
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