Wei, J; Peršoh, D; Agerer, R: Four Ectomycorrhizae of Pyronemataceae (Pezizomycetes) on Chinese Pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) – morpho-anatomical and molecular-phylogenetic analyses, Mycological Progress, 9(2), 267–280 (2010), doi:10.1007/s11557-009-0637-x
Morphological and anatomical characters of four ectomycorrhizae with affinities to the genera Humaria, Geopora, and Trichophaea of Pyronemataceae (Pezizomycetes, Ascomycota) on Chinese Pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) are described. The ectomycorrhizae are yellowish brown to brown, and have pseudoparenchymatous outer mantle layers and partially warty emanating hyphae with thick walls and without clamps. Intrahyphal hyphae are present, and no rhizomorphs are formed. The four ectomycorrhizae are distinguishable by differences in cell shape of outer mantle layers and the presence of cystidia. Ectomycorrhizae of a possible Humaria species (Pinirhiza humarioides) lack cystidia and have irregularly inflated cells on the outer mantle layer that are connected with thin septa. The two ectomycorrhizae showing probable affinities to Geopora species (“P. daqingensis” and “P. geoporoides”) possess row-like arranged cells in the outer mantle layer and cell heaps, and differ by the presence or absence of cystidia as well as by the structure of the inner mantle layers. Ectomycorrhizae likely having been formed by a Trichophaea species (“P. trichophaeoides”) have oval to polygonal cells and no cystidia. The possible taxa affiliations were assessed by molecular-phylogenetic analyses of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and partial large subunit (LSU) nrDNA. Morphological and anatomical characters are discussed against the background of the LSU phylogeny.
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40 Jahre ÖBG & 20 Jahre Freundeskreis ÖBG e.V. - Ausstellung zur Geschichte
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