Schmidt, O; Drake, HL; Horn, MA: Hitherto unknown [Fe-Fe]-Hydrogenase Gene Diversity in Anaerobes and Anoxic Enrichments from a Moderately Acidic Fen, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76 (6), 2027-2031 (2010)
Newly designed primers for [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenases indicated that (i) fermenters, acetogens, and undefined species in a fen harbor hitherto unknown hydrogenases, and (ii) Clostridium- and Thermosinus-related primary fermenters, as well as secondary fermenters related to sulfate or iron reducers might be responsible for hydrogen production in the fen. Comparative analysis of [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenase and 16S rRNA gene-based phylogenies indicated the presence of homologous multiple hydrogenases per organism and inconsistencies between 16S rRNA gene and [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenase based phylogenies, necessitating appropriate qualification of [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenase gene data for diversity analyses.
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A new experiment to unravel the Impact of Biodiversity and Climate Variability on the functioning of grasslands
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