Küchler, S; Strauß, G: Belonochilus numenius (SAY, 1832) (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) - bald auch in Mitteleuropa., Beiträge zur Entomofaunistik, 11, 27-33 (2010)
Belonchilus numenius (SAY, 1832) – In Central Europe soon? Since two years Belonochilus numenius (SAY, 1832) (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae), originating from North America and living on sycamore trees, seems to spread in the European Mediterranean area. This report describes the first record for Italy and the biology as well as the morphological characteristics which delineate this newcomer from a similar species, Orsillus depressus (MULSANT & REY, 1852). It might be only a question of time, until B. numenius will be found in Central Europe as well.

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