Hunger, S; Gößner, AS; Drake, HL: Trophic Links Between the Acetogen Clostridium glycolicum KHa and the Fermentative Anaerobe Bacteroides xylanolyticus KHb, Isolated from Hawaiian Forest Soil, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77, 6281-6285 (2011)
Isolate KH was obtained from forest soil and found to be composed of two functionally linked anaerobes, KHa and KHb. Gene analyses (16S rRNA, fhs, cooS) identified KHa as an acetogenic strain of Clostridium glycolicum and KHb as Bacteroides xylanolyticus. KHb fermented xylan and other saccharides that KHa could not utilize and formed products (e.g., ethanol and H2) that supported the acetogenic growth of KHa
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