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SFB Microplastic A06: Microplastics in the rhizosphere of crop plants - effect on physical, chemical and microbial processes in soil

SFB 1357: A06

From 01/2021 to 01/2027

Principal Investigator: Eva Lehndorff
Staff: Ryan Bartnick, Mirza Becevic

SFB Microplastic A06

A06 deals with the effects of chemically complex and environmentally relevant MP particles in the soil-microbe-plant system with a special focus on changes in soil aggregation, soil chemistry and soil microbiology in the rhizosphere of crops. Based on FP1, the subproject addresses the question of which properties of environmentally relevant MP lead to changes in the rhizosphere and how these affect the companion plants such as maise and strawberries. In doing so, the sub-project emphasises comparing conventional MP with biodegradable plastics, whose effect on soil chemistry and soil microbiology could be considerably more significant. The 2nd FP is expected to yield findings that contribute to the ecotoxicological assessment of MP for microorganisms in soils and, therefore, for plants indirectly. In an SFB-wide soil mesocosm experiment, questions from project areas A, B and C will be investigated at the soil interface within the cross-sectional topics "migration-exposure probability" and "effects-aging".

Homepage: https://www.sfb-mikroplastik.uni-bayreuth.de/de/index.html

List of publications of this Project

Rauscher, A; Meyer, N; Jakobs, A; Bartnick, R; Lüders, T; Lehndorff, E: Biodegradable microplastic increases CO₂ emission and alters microbial biomass and bacterial community composition in different soil types, Applied Soil Ecology, 182, Article 104714 (2023), doi:10.1016/j.apsoil.2022.104714 -- Details
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