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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department Soil Ecology - Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff

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Stefan Strohmeier: Publications

Peer-reviewed journals
Klotzbücher, T; Strohmeier, S; Kaiser, K; Bowden, RD; Lajtha, K; Kalbitz, K: Lignin properties in topsoils of a beech/oak forest afeter 8 years of manipulated litter fall: relevance of altered input and oxidation of lignin, Plant Soil, 367, 579-589 (2013), doi:10.1007/s11104-012-1489-8 -- Details
Strohmeier, S; Knorr, KH; Reichert, M; Frei, S; Fleckenstein, JH; Peiffer, S; Matzner, E: Concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic carbon in runoff from a forested catchment: Insights from high frequency measurements, Biogeosciences, 10, 905-916 (2013), doi:10.5194/bg-10-905-2013 [Link] -- Details
Irl, SDH; Steinbauer, MJ; Babel, W; Beierkuhnlein, C; Blume-Werry, G; Messinger, J; Palomares-Martínez, A; Strohmeier, S; Jentsch, A: An 11-yr exclosure experiment in a hgih-elevation island ecosystem: introduced herbivore impact on shrub species rechness, seedling recruitment and popluation dynamics, Journal of Vegetation Science, 23, 1114-1125 (2012), doi:10.1111/j.1654-1103.2012.01425.x -- Details
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