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Fishkis, O; Wachten, M; Hable, R: Assessment of soil water repellency as a function of soil moisture with mixed modelling, European Journal of Soil Science, 66, 910-920 (2015)
An understanding of the relation between soil water repellency (SWR) and soil moisture is a prerequisite of water-flow modelling in water-repellent soil. Here, the relation between SWR and soil moisture was investigated with intact cores of soil taken from three types of soil with different particle size distributions. The SWR was measured by a sessile drop contact angle (CA) during drying at soil pF values that ranged from –∞ to 4.2. From the measured CA, the work of adhesion (Wa) was calculated and its relation with the pF-value was explored. Mixed modelling was applied to evaluate the effects of pF, soil type and soil depth on CA and Wa. For all soil types, a positive relation was observed between CA and the pF-value that could be represented by a linear model for the pF-range of 1 to 4.2. The variation in slope and intercept of the CA–pF relationship caused by heterogeneity of the samples taken from a single soil horizon was quantified. In addition, the relation between CA and water content (WC) showed hysteresis with significantly larger CAs during drying than during wetting.

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