Evaluation criteria and procedures

The evaluation of applications will be coordinated by the Grants sub-committee of the ESF FIMIN Steering Committee. Membership of the Grants sub-committee will change annually. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Undertake work applicable to FIMIN, with preference being given to interdisciplinary investigations
  2. Apply to stay in a European country other than the country of origin
  3. Return to the institute of origin upon termination, so that the applicant's institute may also benefit from the broadened knowledge of the visiting scientist.
  4. The scientific quality of the project and its relevance for achieving FIMIN aims
  5. The CV of the applicant and the scientific quality of the hosting group
Priority will be given to applicants who come from and/or intend to visit countries supporting the FIMIN programme.
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last modified 2009-07-31