FORKAST 08 - Impacts of extreme weather events and diversity on ecosystem functions in experimental and natural plant communities


From 02/2009 to 06/2020

Impacts of extreme weather events on biotic interactions, balance of matter and ecosystem functions are hardly investigated. First analysis in Bavaria presented significant effects – for example due to drought – on the capacity of plant communities in Middle Europe. Thus functional diversity plays an important role in the conservation of ecosystem functions under climatic oscillations. Above-ground biomass (productivity) and flowering for plant-pollinator-interactions are two essential functional parameters of vegetation for agricultural production. The aim of this project is to study how grassland vegetation in Bavaria is affected by short-term extreme weather events like drought, torrential rain and freeze-thaw cycles. Based on experiments reactions of productivity and phenology as well as the role of plant diversity for the stability of ecosystem functions are investigated. Nationwide relevant knowledge of effects on ecosystem processes and interactions between organisms due to climate change will be developed by meta-analysis and modelling in cooperation with data-sets of manipulative experiments in open land of Bavarian low mountain ranges, peatlands and the alpine region. The importance of biodiversity for the functionality and resilience of persistent plant communities of grassland ecosystems is investigated to develop adaptation strategies.

Homepage: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/forkast/index.php?lang=de

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