Modified Bowen-Ratio method*

according to Liu & Foken (2001)

* This methods based on a similar approach by Businger (1986), who used the Bowen ratio similarity (the ratio of the temperature and the humidity/concentration differences between two levels in the surface layer is proportional to the ratio of the sensible and latent heat / concentration flux) to determine the exchange coefficient for a deposition flux which can only be measured by a gradient approach.

Short description of the method (Download)


The Modified Bowen Ratio mast is commercially available produced by METEK GmbH Elmshorn and Theodor Friedrichs & Co. Schenefeld near Hamburg.

Product description (Download) - in preparation

Software for calculation was prepared by the University of Bayreuth:

- Calculation procedure (in German)

- Main program (Download) - in preparation

- Source code for selected parts - in preparation

- Program documentation - in preparation

- Structure of the output file (METEK) - in preparation