Vorlesung: Land Use Change and Climate (74015)

WS 2011/2012
Di.: 10:15-11:45, S21

Thomas Foken

This course will begin on the 25.10.2011

University of Bayreuth, Dept. of Micrometeorology, Energy and matter Exchange between Ecosystems and the Atmosphere, lesson
M. Sc. Global Change Ecology, Modul C1,

also for M. Sc. Geoecology (Modul FM4) and M. Sc. Physical Geography (Modul W04)



Physical and chemical problems of land use changes and their impact on climate and climate modelling.

Many parts of the lesson are available in: Foken, T (2008) Micrometeorology. Springer, Heidelberg, 308 pp.

The password of the download files will be given in the lesson.

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