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Deforestation impacts ozone deposition in Amazonia - Simultaneous ozone flux measurements at primary rainforest and pasture sitesRummel, U; Meixner, FX*; Ammann, C; Kirkman, GA; Moura, MAL; Foken, T; Andreae, MO8th International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand: 04.09.2004 - 09.09.2004


Non-reactive and reactive trace gas fluxes: Simultaneous measurements with ground based and vertically integrating methodsMayer, JC*; Rummel, U; Andreae, MO; Foken, T; Meixner, FXEGU General Assembly 2009, Vienna: 19.04.2009 - 24.04.2009
Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of reactive trace gases of tall vegetation canopies: the rôle of characteristic chemical, plant physiological, and turbulent time scalesMeixner, FX*; Ammann, C; Rummel, U; Simon, E; Trebs, I; Dlugi, R; Falge, E; Foken, T; Zetzsch, CEuropean Geosciences Union General Assembly 2005, Vienna: 24.04.2005 - 29.04.2005

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